Supplying mobile solar power to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

PWRstation mobile Genesis Class-C solar generators supply electricity to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) camp office located in Shimelba, Ethiopia.

Out of the Box Energy Solutions are the first Original Equipment Manufacturers in Africa to integrate PWRstation retractable solar racking technology into mobile solar solutions.

Out of the Box Energy Solutions develops and distributes photo voltaic solar, and hybrid solar/diesel generation products that change the way solar is deployed, from that of a fixed asset to a product.

Traditionally solar is deployed as a fixed asset with its value linked to the fixed location and the owner, thereby restricting finance option and requiring long term commitments. Solar as a fixed asset does not fit the demands and constraints of business in Africa.

However, solar deployed as a product does fit the requirements of Africa, easily transported, rapidly deployed, recoverable and easy to use. Holding its value independently of its location and its owner, and thereby enabling a multitude of finance models that unlock solar as a short and medium term power source at a fraction of the cost of diesel generated electricity.

The PWRstation technology can be deployed independently of the container. This allows us to better manage the costs of the system as well as slope the panels.

The photos and video below are from the installation of the retractable PWRstation Genesis Class-C solar generators (“gensets”) that supply electricity to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) camp office located in Shimelba, Ethiopia.

The system is part of an important UNHCR initiative aimed at reducing the organization’s operating expenses, upfront capital expenditures, human and material risk; as well as global carbon emissions produced from its use of diesel fuels. The Genesis activation complements UNHCR’s hybrid energy microgrid at Shimelba.

The preassembled-in-factory solutions mean reduced risk of missing parts upon delivery, reduced need for solar experts onsite, and substantially reduced time to activate — each vitally important factors particularly in remote off-grid environments.

The Genesis Class C solar genset is characterized by its proprietary retractable racking platform called EXOractm. Designed for transportability and instant activation, EXOractm uses open architecture designed to accommodate standard photovoltaic components from around the world, including solar modules, inverters and batteries.

Unlike standard solar installations, a PWRstation “activation” requires no ground leveling or setting of a base foundation, which can take several days or weeks, depending on the size of a project.

To meet the continent’s growing demand for increasingly powerful and easily accessible distributed energy, Out of the Box Energy Solutions is working with established temporary and medium term diesel generator power suppliers to offer solar/diesel power generation as a viable alternative for short and medium term power requirements.

 It’s easy to foresee the positive disruptive impact our mobile solar products will have in off-grid environments for the likes of mining and construction, oil and gas, rural electrification and other major remote applications.

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