Smart Power Box……..

It is all very well investing in Smart Hybrid Technology. However, you need to know that it works as expected and continues to perform as designed for the 10-year design life of the product. Generating the fuel and maintenance savings to give you the return on your investment.

Out of the Box, Smart Hybrid Technology uses @victon VRM cloud-based monitoring platform, which reports on the performance of the system, generator and solar as well as the savings you are making. The remote access and control allow your operations team to manage their fleet of power systems better and makes it possible to support you, no matter where your Smart Box units are.

We can collaborate with your operations team to actively manage your fleet of power systems to ensure that maintenance is planned and actioned effectively and proactively, through the use of early warning and real-time service interval planning.

We offer lease schemes for our products that allow our customers to use the savings from fuel and maintenance to fund the Smart Box Lease.

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