How we size your Smart Hybrid Power Box.

To size your Smart Hybrid Power Box, whether it is a Container Power Box or a Smart Power Box we consider a number of variables.

The key consuming drivers are:

  • Demand curve (power used over time)
    • kW (Peak power demand) and
    • kWh (the amount of power used).
  • The duration of quiet periods you are looking for

The key producing drivers

  • Size of the inverter
  • Size of generator
  • Size of battery
    • Peak power supply (kW)
    • Total usable power (kWh)


When we design your Power Box, we consider all of the above items and work with you to ensure your Smart Hybrid Power Box is correctly sized and configured for your needs.

Commonly it is thought that if you have a large inverter, you can use large power items on your system, kettles, microwaves, etc. This is only partly true as the inverter is only part of the system. Additionally, you need to consider the power source. Is your battery large and powerful enough to support the inverter and the configuration for quiet periods? Does the solar system produce enough energy to power the loads and charge the battery for periods of low or no sunshine (at night). Can your generator handle the load and charge the battery and is it configured into the system to auto start to protect the batteries from being over discharged and to ensure the set quiet periods.



Our Smart Power Box Range has plug and play interfaces for solar and diesel generator. This hybrid approach allows you to use an existing generator while taking advantage of solar. Alternatively, using just solar with the option to include a generator at a later date if your power demand increase

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