Smart Box systems is a self-contained pre-wired, pre-configured system built on the fundamental properties of Power Box Smart Hybrid Technology, containing Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries and smart inverter technology with plug and play interfaces for solar PV and generator. Rather than having to design, source and then assemble, wire-up and configure separate components on a remote site in less than optimal conditions, our Smart Box arrives plug and play ready without the need for highly skilled solar professionals. Shifting the quality, safety and labour risks from the field into the controlled environment of our factory.

We are able to customise the design of your Smart Box from our standardised units to ensure the right solution for your specific needs from 3kW single phase to 144kW three phase and larger containerized solutions.

Working with our mobile solar arrays, a Smart Box converts your generator into a Mobile Smart Hybrid Power System, dramatically lowers your fuel bill and reducing your maintenance costs while increasing your system's reliability. This allows you to have access to energy without the noise and air pollution of needing to have your generator running. 
Smart Box line diagram
Smat Boxes

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Our Smart Boxess are suitable for installation worldwide and address the skills shortages found in most remote sites as it can be installed by anyone together with a competent local electrician without specific knowledge of battery systems required to undertake the connections. The unit is fully configured and tested before it leaves the factory so that all that is needed is for you to connect it to your solar array and generator.

The Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries are charged by the energy generated by the photovoltaic solar array. All applications that are then plugged into the Smart Box, draw their power from the batteries. As the power from the batteries is used the solar array re-charges the batteries. Only when there is not enough solar power to charge the batteries or the peak load is greater than the batteries and inverter can sustain alone, will the Smart Hybrid Technology start the generator to provide power.

This Smart Hybrid Technology allows us to optimise the design of the inverter, batteries, and generator to ensure top performance for the greatest value.

Your Smart Box design is customised to your particular requirements using only industry top components from Victron for our inverters, chargers, controllers, and Freedom Won for our batteries.

A Smart Box is easily transported on a standardised pallet by plane, truck or ship. It is pre-wired and pre-configured, highly modular and scalable. Smart Box can be configured to create quiet periods of no generator usage to manage the disturbance to the local environment.

The Benefits of a Smart Box System by Out of the Box Energy Solutions:

Greater Reliability

Rapid Deployment

Lower Fuel Costs

Easily Transported

Remote Control & Monitoring

Lowest Cost Off Grid Power Solution

Metering, PAYG & Tariff Systems

Lower Maintenance