Your Container Power Box is bespoke designed and built to your requirements on the fundamental properties of Power Box Smart Hybrid Technology and provides the lowest cost source of clean and reliable energy for remote locations with unreliable or no grid supply. It is a turn-key, stand-alone Smart Hybrid system that combines solar power generation with integrated energy storage that is augmented with generator power for peak power demand periods and / or extended periods of low solar radiation.

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Power Box ensures uninterrupted power supply and hot water in all conditions. The hybrid power generation & design architecture provides redundancy to ensure continuous operation through any single system failure. Additionally, the hybrid generation design significantly reduces fuel and maintenance costs and once set up, the system operates almost autonomously, with the capability of remote monitoring and control.

When combined with our structured sub-metering and pay as you go tariff systems, your Power Box can become a revenue stream.

Power Box is delivered as a self-contained shipping container that includes solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, solar mounting components, batteries, generator, intelligent control metering and tariffing system; Power Panel patented PV-T technology and the supporting electronics and plumbing that is pre-wired and pre-configured to supply electrical and heat energy. Container Power Box is rapidly deployed as a plug and play system, following minor on-site assembly by two people.

A Power Box is easily transported as a standardised shipping container by plane, truck or ship. It is pre-wired and pre-configured, highly modular and scalable from a 10kW 10ft container to +100kW 40ft modular solution. You can network multiple units to meet the needs of a larger site. Power Box can be configured to create quiet periods of no generator usage to manage the disturbance to the local environment.


The Benefits of a Self-Contained Smart Hybrid Solution by Out of the Box Energy Solutions

Remote Control & Monitoring

Lowest Cost Off Grid Power Solution

Greater Reliability

Rapid Deployment

Metering, PAYG and Tariff Systems

Lower Maintenance

Lower Fuel Costs

Easily Transported