Power Box Maverick™ is a portable, prefabricated, modular solar array. Suiteable for medium to large applications. A Maverick array is pre-fabricated and arrives on site ready to be deployed in minutes. Designed with open architecture each Maverick™ to accommodate most 60 and 72 cell crystalline PC modules.
Through streamlining the procurement and design process while simplifying the project delivery, A Maverick array reduces the installation time, using fewer materials and with less logistical / operational support. This dramatically reduces the overall cost of a solar array, with additional benefit of the array being mobile and re-deployable.
Upto 4# Maverick’s of 8 by 4 modules set on 5 beams can be transported within a standard 20’ container. A 90kW array is installed by two men and a 5-ton forklift/telehandler in less than a day, with a 1MW solar farm installed in under 10 days.
A Mini Mav has been developed for smaller installations or sites where it is not feasible to have a 5-ton forklift/telehandler or a 20-ton container to support the installation. The Mini Mav is a quarter of the size of a Maverick Array, having 2 x 4 Modules with 3 beams. The Mini Mav ships on the back of a Hiab truck and is deployed with a set of custom tools and a 3-man team.
Out of the Box Energy Solutions are local agents for 5B Solar from Australia. Currently we import and install the Maverick Array and plan to locally manufacture the Maverick Array.