EXOrac™ technology brings an entirely new dimension to solar installations. Engineered to simplify and accelerate solar activations, it is an ultra mobile ground mounted solar array.

Out of the Box Energy Solutions are the first Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) for PWR Station in Africa. Defined by its proprietary pantograph-style retractability feature and open system architecture that accommodates any standard 60 cell photovoltaic (PV) panel, EXOrac delivers unrivaled benefits across the value chain, from integrators to end users.
The system can be deployed on its own or within a dedicated deployment container, changing solar from a fixed asset to a mobile, re-deployable, secure and easy to use product. The retractable solar racking systems are specially engineered to significantly simplify and accelerate solar installations in grid-tied and off-grid environments anywhere in Africa.

Our EXOrac Power Box designs integrate the retractable solar mounting system into shipping containers to create mobile solar systems. We are able to develop bespoke designs for our clients.