Business in Africa is unpredictable and quick moving it requires solutions that fit these demands. Mobile Solar does this by changing the way traditional solar is deployed from a fixed asset to that of a mobile product. Out of the Box Energy Solutions, Mobile Solar 'Power Box' products, are easily transported, rapidly deployed, recoverable, secure and easy to use. Unlocking a multitude of finance and ownership models that fit the need for flexibility inherent in African businesses.

Reducing the cost of energy for short to medium term projects, empowering local communities and uplifting African economies.


Mobile Solar

Power Box - Mobile Solar -  Hybrid Technology



Power Box Container is a self-contained Smart Hybrid system, combining the best of Solar, Battery, Inverter and Generator technology. To ensure uninterrupted electricity and hot water in all conditions, at the lowest cost for remote off-grid locations. Each unit is bespoke designed to our client's requirements.



Power Box Maverick™ is a portable, prefabricated, modular solar array.
Suiteable for medium to large applications Maverick array is pre-fabricated and arrives on site ready to be deployed in minutes.
Designed with open architecture each Maverick™ array ranges in size from 8 modules to 40 modules in size, upto 4 # Maverick™ mobile solar arrays can be transported within a single 20 foot container

smart box


A Smart Box converts your existing generator into a Hybrid Power System through its smart inverter and battery systems combined with its plug and play generator and solar PV interface. Improving reliability and lowering fuel and maintenance costs.



Power Box EXOractm is a ground mounted, retractable solar racking systems, it's easily transported, rapidly deployed & re-deployed and easy to use.

Its open architecture allows for the development of the DC elements of a mobile solar array consisting of racks of 5# 60 cell modules.


Because your Power Box system bespoke designed it allows us to develop and create the optimal solution tailor-made specifically for you, using the best mix of all the latest technologies, and in the correct ratios for your business.

Smart Inverter Technology

Battery Technologies


Generator Technologies

Solar PV Technologies

Remote Control & Monitoring

Metering and PAYG Systems

Out of the Box Energy Solutions specialise in mobile solar power systems for industrial and commercial off grid customers. From a single self-contained Smart Hybrid 7kWp EXOrac container 10-foot shipping container with batteries, inverter, and generator with Smart Hybrid controls to a 2MWpeak solar farm for a mine on a 7 year lease.

A Power Box from us is the top choice for industrial and commercial customers across Southern Africa for whom connection to the grid or a reliable grid is not possible. You could be a mobile construction site, a mine, a remote tented camp, disaster relief, rural development or simply an agricultural or industrial application that is isolated and unable to connect to the existing grid.

Our Power Box range combines solar energy production with integrated energy storage that is augmented with generator power for peak power demand periods and/or extended periods of low sunshine. Power Box systems ensure uninterrupted electricity in all conditions. When combined with our structured sub-metering and pay as you go tariff systems, your Power Box can become a revenue stream.

The hybrid power generation & design architecture provides redundancy to ensure continuous operation through any single system failure. Additionally, it significantly reduces the fuel and maintenance costs while improving reliability and once set up, the system operates almost autonomously, with the capability of remote monitoring and control.


Rather than having to design, source, cable up and mount separate components on a remote site in less than ideal conditions. Our Power Box range is bespoke designed, pre-configured, self-contained and durable, and made of the highest quality components. By y shifting production into our controlled factory environment we reduce time on site and improve safety and quality.

A Power Box arrives fully tested and following some basic assembly it is ready to connect through its plug and play interfaces. Minimal site preparation is required and the entire procurement process is simplified to a single source, simplifying on-site logistics and drastically lowering costs.

Power Boxes are suitable for installation anywhere and address the skills shortages found in most remote sites as anyone can install it alongside a competent local electrician who is required to undertake any local connections and to fulfil local regulations.

Together with conventional Photovoltaic, Battery and Diesel/Gas Generator technology we create truly hybrid solution that offers lower fuel and maintenance costs combined with greater reliability.


Power Boxes are the lowest cost source of clean and reliable off-grid power for remote locations.


In Africa, a diesel generator is the standard solution for an off-grid power supply.

The challenge is that your generator needs to be sized for the maximum load you could expect. This maximum capacity is rarely achieved (if it is ever achieved at all). Therefore most of the time your generator runs very inefficiently. The result is you spending large amounts on fuel and servicing costs which are often the hidden costs of a new project.

With a correctly specified Power Box system, the Smart Hybrid Technology of a Power Box produces substantial fuel and maintenance cost savings as either a leased product or outright purchase.

The Smart Hybrid technology of a Power Box priorities solar energy reducing fuel bills and optimising your diesel generators power output and fuel efficiency.

A Power Box is to a standalone generator what a Toyota Prius is to a regular car!


Our products are designed to be plug and play ready as part of our Power Box Smart Hybrid technology design process.

This means

  • Our units arrive pre-wired and pre-configured with some minor assembly required for our containerized solutions solar array and mounting system.
  • All of the technology interfaces are through industry standard plugs
    • MC4 solar connection plugs
    • Industrial single and three phase plugs for AC in and AC out
    • Standard plumbing fitting for our Power Panel hot water systems

The result is that all of our units can be installed in under a day, by 1-2 people. A local electrician (without any detailed knowledge of batteries, solar or DC systems) is required to undertake any local connection and fulfil local regulations.


All units are fully configured and tested before they leave the factory so that all that is needed is for you to connect and start it, addressing the skills shortage that most remote and off-grid sites suffer from.


Smart Box use Victron VRM and Colour Control to enable us to monitor and control the units remotely.

The Smart Box range incorporates a Victron Colour Control as standard, giving us greater functionality in a robust design.

The Colour Control enables full online monitoring via the Victron VRM website (internet connection required). This captures all performance data including battery capacity, power usage and solar input along with many other selectable parameters. As part of the design, we can set custom alarms and settings for you, ensuring optimal performance of the complete system at all times.

The Victron Colour Control is also able to control your generator and capture performance data including:

  • Generator Status: Denotes the reason the generator is running.
  • Generator Runtime: A complete record going back and planned run time looking forward.
  • Additional Features: The generator can be set to run based on loading conditions & set peak periods, the state of charge of the batteries and silent periods.

Our clients find the ability to set quiet periods, especially overnight and ensure the batteries are fully charged by a set time every evening, a great additional feature. It enhances their off-grid living conditions, especially for our luxury hospitality clients. Additionally being able to set periodic test runs which ensure your generator will start when you need it is a great additional feature and having this information and control available anywhere anytime through Victron VRM portal has proved invaluable to our clients.


It is clear that solar power is a big part of our energy future that is why all Power Boxes come solar ready.

All custom built self-contained Container Power Boxes include solar power in their Smart Hybrid Design. The Container Power Box arrives pre-wired, pre-configured and following some minor on-site assembly of the solar array, will be generating solar power for you within hours.

Our Smart Boxes arrive as standard with plug and play (MC4 clips) ready to be connected to a 5 Kw of peak solar power array. Optional upgrades are available to increase the amount of power you take from the sun. Sizing your solar array correctly is crucial to getting the most our of your solar panels and Smart Box. Our design department will work with you to ensure your solar array is the correct size.

Additional upgrades are available to include wind power.



Power Box Smart Hybrid Technology combines the power supply from the Grid to the power from the batteries to ensure a stable power supply at all times.

For many of us that have a grid connection in Southern Africa, it is very unreliable and prone to large power surges that can damage your electrical equipment.

We can add plugs for connecting your Power Box to an unreliable local grid. This allows users use grid electricity when it is available and then to auto switch to the Power Box supply during power outages. The Power Box Smart Hybrid Technology combines the power supply from the batteries to that from the grid to ensure a stable power supply at all times.

The Power Box is preconfigured to automatically prioritise energy produced from solar (if installed) first, then the unreliable grid, followed by the batteries and finally your generator. This ensures the lowest fuel and maintenance costs.

A Power Box can be prewired with over voltage protection to protect your unit from lightning and power surges from an unreliable grid. Be sure to discuss this with our engineers when we are designing your system


The Power Box series is designed to be a plug and play solution for off-grid customers. They can be installed by a competent person, with a local electrician required only for electrical connections that are not plugged and to fulfil any local legislation.

We have instructional videos and easy to follow installation guides, allowing you to undertake the installation yourselves or by a local contractor/electrician.

If you prefer we can undertake the installation of your system for you, please ask our sales team to include this in the quote.

All of our units are covered by our one year warranty, with the electrical components from Victron covered by their standard 5 year limited warranty and the Freedom Won Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries are covered by their standard 10 year (or 3500 cycles) warranty for max 70% DoD.

Our systems are configured to never discharge a battery to below 70% state of charge, and we expect the life span of the batteries to be 13+ years.

The Benefits of a Hybrid Energy Power Box by Out of the Box Energy Solutions:

Greater Reliability

Lower Maintenance

Lower Fuel Costs


Remote Control & Monitoring

Income Generator

Less Noise & Silent Periods

Lower Emissions



Built-in Preconfigured Intelligence


Rapid Deployment

Modular Design


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