So what is your business doing? As Eskom applies for a 20% electrical tariff increase.

Eskom is under pressure it needs to increase its revenues and there are reports of an application for a 20%

28% Tax incentive….. Does your business qualify?

National Treasury revisited Section 12B of the Income Tax Act No. 58 of 1962, and the latest amendments came into effect

How to calculate the outline feasibility of a proposed PV Solar System.

Determining the feasibility of a PV Solar system design is done iteratively, the initial study is done via desktop by

The cost of PV Solar electricity vs. Ethekwini business & general electricity tariff

A case study of the savings produced by a grid-tied PV Solar Power system on an industrial roof space in

Quantitative modeling to design a best value Micro-Grid

It seems like everyone’s talking about microgrids, and the correct energy mix for their off-grid power needs. What really is

Smart Power Box……..

It is all very well investing in Smart Hybrid Technology. However, you need to know that it works as expected

How we size your Smart Hybrid Power Box.

To size your Smart Hybrid Power Box, whether it is a Container Power Box or a Smart Power Box we

AC Coupling Solar Hybrid Power Systems

With our Power Box range, you can specify it as an AC-coupled Solar Hybrid system. Thereby it will contain a

Container Power Box, A Mobile Hybrid Power Solutions for Mining and other off-grid mobile industry

Due to The mobile nature of many near surface mines, means that solar PV has been excluded as part of the