The MAVERICK approach to mobile solar requirements in Africa

In support of the editorial on Containerized and Mobile Solar Solutions in the September/October 2017 Edition of African Mining Brief, Rob Jardine interviewed Chris McGrath, the Co-founder, and CEO of 5B, a renewable technology company leading the market in the development of there Maverick Solar Array.

Maverick is a portable, prefabricated, modular solar array that through its patented design lowers the cost of energy, and the project risks traditionally associated with ground mounted solar systems.

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In Africa and many developing nations and remote areas without grid power, diesel generators have been the go-to solution, but in recent years solar power has become competitive as a hybrid solution working alongside the traditional diesel generator. However, this expansion has been limited by the traditional fixed location design for solar arrays, which requires long-term energy offtake plans to be in place for the fixed location and life of the solar assets. Maverick as a mobile solar array changes this.

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The MAVERICK approach to mobile solar requirements in Africa

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