Container Power Box, A Mobile Hybrid Power Solutions for Mining and other off-grid mobile industry

Due to The mobile nature of many near surface mines, means that solar PV has been excluded as part of the energy solution for these mines and many other off-grid mobile industries because traditionally solar PV arrays have been installed on permanent structures.

Out of the Box Energy Solutions believes that our Container Power Box solutions offer a great alternative to existing diesel generator power plants. Container Power Box solutions are designed for the harsh conditions of Africa, allowing mines and other mobile off-grid industrial energy users to consider alternative energy solutions to Diesel Generators.

Our Smart Hybrid technology combined with our innovative mobile solar system allow for the use of diesel generator power to be combined with solar energy, inverters and Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries to offer savings on fuel and maintenance costs as well as greater reliability.

Our products are designed to be plug and play ready as part of our Power Box Smart Hybrid technology design process. This means
1) Our units arrive pre-wired and pre-configured with some minor assembly required for our containerized solutions solar array and mounting system.
2) All of the technology interfaces are through industry standard plugs
2.1) MC4 solar connection plugs
2.2) Industrial single and three phase plugs for AC in and AC out
The result is that all of our units can be installed in under a day, by 1-2 people. A local electrician (without any detailed knowledge of batteries, solar or DC systems) is required to undertake any local connection and fulfil local regulations.

All units are fully configured and tested before they leave the factory so that all that is needed is for you to connect and start it, addressing the skills shortage that most remote and off-grid sites suffer from.

Additionally, we are working to add the PWR station to our range:



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    Please send me quotations on your products.


    • Out Of The Box Energy on June 26, 2017 at 3:04 pm

      I’ll email you separately

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