How to calculate the outline feasibility of a proposed PV Solar System.

Determining the feasibility of a PV Solar system design is done iteratively, the initial study is done via desktop by understanding the supply and demand constraints.

On the Supply Side

  1. How much do you currently pay for electricity?
    1. What is the tariff system you are currently?
  2. Where is your proposed site and are there any specific site constraints that will affect its ability to produce solar electricity
    1. Space available for a solar array
    2. Orientation and slope available for the solar array
    3. Shading and other obstacles

On the Demand Side

  1. How much electricity does your company or house use in kWh and kW?
    1. Ideally, we would want to have an actual record of the kW demand taken in minute intervals to develop a daily load profile however we are able to interpolate this with some fancy software from your monthly bills. This is enough for us to undertake the feasibility study
  2. What and when do you consume your electricity.
    1. Is your office open Monday to Friday 07:00 – 17:00 or are you a factory consuming electricity 24/7

With a copy of your last 12 months electricity statements, and a discussion about your site and electricity usage we are able to undertake a desktop feasibility study from which we would be able to understand if solar is a viable option for your site, the possible returns from investing in solar as well as outline costs to do so.


Have a read of our standard business process here (link) to understand how we collaborate with you to design, procure, install and operate & maintain Solar PV systems for our clients.

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