AC Coupling Solar Hybrid Power Systems

With our Power Box range, you can specify it as an AC-coupled Solar Hybrid system. Thereby it will contain a preconfigured grid-tied PV inverter that is connected to the AC output of the system. PV power is first used to power the loads, then to charge the battery.


When your Power Box is operating in inverter-mode (not drawing any power from a generator or unreliable grid connection), it will create a local grid: a micro-grid. The PV Inverter will accept this micro-grid and will, therefore, operate even during a black-out. The PV power can even be used to charge the batteries: when there is more PV power available than used by the loads, the power will automatically run through the inverter in reverse direction and charge the batteries. It is necessary to regulate that power to prevent overcharging the batteries as well as overloading the inverter/charger. Our system does this through is pre-configured ‘frequency shifting’ settings, this will form part of a future blog post.


  • AC-coupling is available in single-phase, split-phase and also three-phase systems.
  • Our systems can be set to prevent feeding back PV power into the a grid connection.
  • Our Smart Hybrid Power Box Technology ensures the lights stay on when an unreliable grid fails, unlike a grid-tied PV inverter that will fail when there is a grid black-out. Our Smart Hybrid Power Box Technology creates a micro-grid utilising solar, battery, and generator power in that order when the grid fails, or there is no existing grid.
  • It is also possible to run an AC-coupled micro-grid on a generator
  • We can integrate most brands of PV inverters into your bespoke Power Box design; this means that we can integrate your existing grid-tied PV solar system into our Power Box design.
  • If power is fed back into the grid, an anti-islanding device may have to be added to the system, depending on local regulations.


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